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What Makes a Supply Chain Leader?


Plenty has been written and spoken about supply chain resiliency in the face of a pandemic and economic turmoil. But what about you? What does it take to make a supply chain professional resilient in times like this?

SAP and Oxford Economics wanted to know the traits that set up a supply chain leader for success. They found that the most successful:

  • Base most of their product value chain decisions on customer needs;
  • Factor in sustainability issues from product design through delivery;
  • Capture and act on real-time information, often using artificial intelligence or predictive analytics; and
  • Deploy advanced technologies at scale across their organizations.

The survey was completed before coronavirus really hit the fan, but SAP and Oxford Economics said their findings offered clues on how well an organization and its people might weather similar crises.

“The findings show that supply chain executives need the visibility to make informed decisions with speed and accuracy by leveraging technology that helps their business to sense, predict and respond to these global dynamics,” said Oxford Economics Senior Research Analyst Ben Wright.


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