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Omega Morgan


Across a range of industries, rarely has Greg Tansey come across employees who care so deeply about how they can help the customer achieve its goals as the team members at Omega Morgan. That prevalent attitude was one of the key reasons the private investment firm Tansey previously represented, Riverlake Partners, decided to buy into the company in 2011. It is an approach so strongly rooted in how the heavy haul specialist operates that the business has maintained its family atmosphere despite leadership changes stemming from the Riverlake buyout.

Tansey, now Omega Morgan’s CEO and president, credits the company’s namesake, founder Joe Morgan, with creating that culture. Morgan worked in the transportation and rigging industry for more than a decade before his entrepreneurial spirit encouraged him to start his own business in 1991 in Hillsboro, Ore. The ethics and standards Morgan instilled in the company’s DNA persist 25 years later and have made Omega Morgan employees sought after throughout the heavy rigging industry. “Joe, in many ways, has had a big impact on how the work has been done up [in the Pacific Northwest],” Tansey explains.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Omega Morgan today has five locations: Hillsboro; Fife, Wash.; and Phoenix in the United States; and Calgary and Edmonton in Canada. The company specializes in engineered transportation and rigging projects. Its expertise has led it to a wide range of jobs, from moving bridges to allow for accelerated construction of new routes to hauling 200-ton transformers across the country using custom-built dual-lane trailers.

Although Omega Morgan owns its over-the-road fleet, the company often utilizes other transportation methods to best serve customers. Rail remains the most cost-effective way to ship heavy industrial equipment, even if it can be used for only a portion of the trip, Tansey says. “It’s not figuring out how to line our pockets, but it’s figuring out the most cost-effective solution,” he adds.

Omega Morgan serves a variety of industries, including aerospace, construction, engineering, energy, manufacturing, medical, printing and rail. One area where the company is seeing increased activity is from semiconductor manufacturers. Constraints in Silicon Valley have forced technology companies to move production to the Pacific Northwest. As a result of those relocations, technology giants need companies such as Omega Morgan that have the capability to deliver and provide rigging services for large equipment.

Omega Morgan’s machinery moving work is largely limited to the Pacific Northwest, but its over-the-road transportation and heavy rigging services often stretch as far east as the Mississippi River. The company has even completed jobs in Atlanta and is pursuing projects in Connecticut. “If it is very engineering intensive and requires specialized equipment, we can be competitive anywhere in the country,” Tansey says.

Doing the Impossible Daily

Omega Morgan’s growth is driven by its customers, Tansey says. On the transportation side, the company sees an opportunity to expand by reducing the complexity of the moving process. In the past, Omega Morgan only concerned itself with large equipment, but for every semiconductor fabricator, there is a range of associated equipment that must come along.

Tansey wants Omega Morgan to become the single point of contact for its customers’ large transportation jobs. Increasing its capabilities has enabled Omega Morgan to not only handle the most complex pieces of a move, but to also coordinate with a select group of carriers to transport all the other components of a relocation. That coordination gives customers a go-to contact to manage all their transportation, allowing the client to focus on their own business.

Coordination is most successful when the customer reaches out to Omega Morgan early in the process. By being involved from the beginning, Omega Morgan can contribute ideas to design the transportation project and mitigate risk, Tansey says. 

 “I think when our team is challenge to do what they perceive to be impossible, it’s incredibly motivating to our group and they deliver amazing outcomes,” Tansey adds. 

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