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Midwest Sales’ clients can depend on the company to help solve their problems.
By Wholesale and Distribution International Staff

Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc. prides itself on representing manufacturers that are leaders in their field.  The Hartland, Wis.-based Midwest Sales represents high-quality manufacturers such as Delta Faucet Company, Uponor, Insinkerator, Triangle Tube, US Boiler and Fluidmaster.  “We feel our manufacturers have led in innovation, that’s why we have partnered with them,” Matt Rodamer, who is the owner and president of Midwest Sales, comments.

Midwest Sales & Marketing was founded in 2000 by three individuals involved in the industry for decades. The wealth of business knowledge the original partners had gave Midwest Sales a solid foundation to grow on. Midwest Sales continues to represent a full line of HVAC and Plumbing manufacturers in the Midwest.  

Over the years, Midwest Sales has adapted with the shifts in the market.  Midwest Sales has been through the rise and fall of the housing market, and are now dealing with an overall industry labor shortage.  “The ability to pivot with the different market segments is one of our strengths,” he says. Midwest Sales box

“All of our business goes through the distribution channel,” comments Matt Rodamer, but the role of manufacturer representative has changed through the years.

“It used to be calling only on the wholesale distributor,” he says. “Now we’re dealing with all segments of the market, the contractor, builder, engineers, designers and architects. We have to establish, build and maintain relationships on all levels.”

Creating Excitement

The trade industry is suffering right now with labor shortages.  “Millennials are not going into the trades,” Matt says. “It’s not glamorous work, but you can make a great living being a tradesman. Everybody wants to build an app for their iPhone, and become a millionaire overnight.” 

“Contractors are doing everything they can to create excitement in trade schools, high schools, and in the field, anywhere they can think of to generate interest,” Rodamer says.

Manufacturers also are developing products that lessen installation time and utilize cutting edge technology to entice more into the trades.

Time is Money

Midwest Sales’ approach to logistics has changed in recent years, thanks to the advances in technology, Rodamer says. “Any information you need to find is accessible at a moment’s notice.”  This allows for more information faster – and if time is money that adds up to benefit all involved.

Midwest Sales utilizes a cloud-based database that all of its staff members have access to at all times. “ We can send an installation manual to a contractor, a new promotion to a purchasing manager, or collaborate on a report to our manufacturers while waiting in the parking lot for an appointment,” Rodamer says.  “Time is money. They need to be able to solve problems, for all those we provide service for, as quickly as possible.

“It will be interesting to see the changes that we will see in the next five years even,” Rodamer says. “Technological advances are already beginning to change how service work is performed.  Homes are now equipped with products that send messages to their phones when they are not working, contractors are experiencing the same and it lessens service call times and allows for better service overall. The ability to form relationships will stay important. Midwest Sales has continually provided contractors with the support they need, if it is a call for installation issues or troubleshooting problems. These relationships of trust are important as we move forward and learn together.”

The Right People

The staff at Midwest Sales “is excellent,” Matt says. “Midwest Sales has 20-plus lines to be knowledgeable on but personality is what really make them shine. Product knowledge is of little value if you are not able build the relationship with those who use the product.” The company of 14 employees covers the Midwest territory including Wisconsin, Minnesota, the upper peninsula of Michigan, North and South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

The future looks bright for the company, Rodamer says. “I think our economy looks great,” he says. “I see nice growth for the next 20 years. You never know what’s going to happen, but for the most part, it looks good.”

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