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Six Ways to Keep the Weight of Your Truck in Check


By Kevin Hill

One common issue that every trucker faces every now and then is an overweighed truck. You will be slapped with heavy fines and fees if you are caught driving a truck that exceeds the permitted weight. It is important to keep your truck’s weight in check, which makes buying truck scales a must. Here are six ways you can avoid overloading your truck:

  • Know Exactly What You are Carrying and How Much of it You Are Carrying – Do not just load your truck and drive off. Know exactly how much you are carrying. Organizing your load by type and weight will allow you to be better prepared. Keep an organized view of what you need to carry. Make a list and follow it.
  • Switch to a Different Vehicle if Necessary – Not all vehicles are equipped to carry heavy loads. If you think your vehicle is not helping you, then you probably need to change it. It is not necessary that you need a larger vehicle, but using a different vehicle of the same size would also make quite a difference.
  • Chuck Out Unnecessary Items – Carrying unnecessary equipment and materials will just add on to the overall weight of your truck. Eliminate all such things and you will see the weight of your truck stay within limits. Make sure you also take the weight of the fuel into account.
  • Train Your Staff About Proper Weight Management – Every single driver should know how to weigh their trucks using truck scales. Train your forklift operators to distribute freight in the right manner. Proper loading techniques to maintain a safe environment must also be taught. At the same time, make sure that your staff knows all about truck scale maintenance as well.
  • Learn to Delegate – If you are too busy trying to keep a check on everything, put someone else in charge. If you are used to controlling everything yourself, you might find it a little difficult to delegate work to someone or even trust someone else to do the work as well as you can, but do it nevertheless as it would rarely fail you.
  • Get an Overweight Permit – If you find yourself paying overweight fines quite frequently despite taking all the necessary precautions, it means you are often driving overweight trucks. If that is unavoidable, the ideal scenario would be to get an overweight load permit in your area. Ensure that the permit covers the projected loads that you might transport. Also, check if you need any special vehicle size requirements.

Kevin HillKevin Hill heads up the marketing efforts and provides technical expertise to the sales and service teams at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, Calif. He enjoys everything mechanical and electronic, computers, the Internet and spending time with family.


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