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Five Trends to Watch in 2020


You can expect five major changes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the coming year, according to a recent article in FreightWaves.

“The five trends listed here are likely candidates for developments that will change the supply chain management landscape, specifically by impacting ERP software,” the story’s author explained. “They aren’t the only ones you should look for but be sure to prioritize keeping a close eye on these to see how things evolve.”

The five ERP trends, according to FreightWaves:

  1. Growing realization that ERP systems and associated technologies cut costs;
  2. Greater emphasis on using ERP software to keep your customers satisfied;
  3. Artificial intelligence is coming to ERP software;
  4. More companies are integrating the IoT into their ERP platforms; and
  5. Increased attempts to combine blockchain with ERP software.

Go to the article to learn more about these predictions.