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Why Hospitals Need These Three Supply Chain Best Practices


It’s enough to make you sick: According to a new analysis by Navigant, U.S. hospitals are overspending on products and services related to their supply chains by approximately $25.7 billion a year.

“Our analysis does not point to aggregate improvement in hospital supply chain performance, with high-performing supply chains widening the gap as others tread water or lose ground,” said Rob Austin, director at Guidehouse, parent company to Navigant. “It’s incumbent upon providers and suppliers, including pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and distributors, to attack these continually rising expenses to improve supply chain efficiency for all stakeholders, including patients.”

Navigant noted that lowering costs doesn’t need to mean a reduction in care quality. It urged high-performing supply chain departments to adopt these best practices:

  1. Identify which services, products and procedures are truly needed and most efficient, based on clinical evidence.
  2. Adopt standardization of supplies to those that will produce quality outcomes at a lower cost.
  3. Integrate clinicians with your supply chain, finance and IT departments.

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