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I Love Meetings! Lots of ’em! (Said Nobody Ever)


It’s hard to escape meetings. Sure, we all know they’re necessary, but too many of them seem to accomplish too little and eat up our valuable time. Luckily, a few best practices can help keep those powwows on track and productive.

Writing in Fast Company and Zapier, Ben Johnson – a marketing professional at Proof who, like the rest of us, has no doubt fought to keep his eyes open during soporific sit-downs – outlined several hard-learned best practices we should all take to heart. They include:

  • Require an agenda for every meeting.
  • Bring others into the room.
  • Have a daily huddle and weekly all-hands meeting, too.

In true best-practices fashion, Johnson notes that his office is “consistently reevaluating our process and looking for ways to improve. … One thing to remember: Not all meetings are bad. It’s just about figuring out which ones work for your team—and eliminating the rest.”