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Industry Updates

New Partnership to Drive Innovation


RORCv6 will be shared with 1,000 independent grocery retail customers.

Noting that “technology and competition have pushed the grocery industry into an incredible period of change,” Corey Quiring, vice president of retail services at C&S Wholesale Grocers, announced the wholesale grocery supplier has entered into a strategic partnership with DUMAC Business Systems to help independent grocers remain competitive against larger retailers and online competition.

C&S Wholesale Grocers will distribute RORCv6, DUMAC‘s POS software portfolio, to 1,000 independent grocery retail customers in the United States.

“This partnership will help drive innovation for C&S customers throughout the country with leading, standardized and cost-effective solutions,” C&S said in a statement. “Enhancing the customer experience through state-of-the-art technology is central to the C&S Retail Services mission and the POS is the supermarket’s technology core. Having a uniform POS enables continued integration of digital marketing, including eCommerce and personalized loyalty marketing, and helps ensure an exceptional customer experience for both C&S customers and their shoppers.”


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