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How to Mitigate Risks in the Supply Chain


How would your complex supply chain withstand the impact of a natural or human-made disaster?

Most supply chains will experience a disruption at some time. But while you can’t predict an earthquake, Cathy Morrow Roberson notes there are ways to mitigate the risks.

The founder and head analyst of Logistics Trends & Insights LLC urges businesses to take major steps such as replacing their spreadsheets and emails with technology solutions that allow them to instantly track shipments anywhere in the supply chain.

Morrow Roberson said those businesses’ partners will play an important role, too. “When disruptions send shipments astray, a supply chain provider with a deep network of relationships can be invaluable,” she writes in Forbes. “With a little logistics creativity, such as changing the port of discharge for cargo traveling inland, an experienced partner can help lessen the impact of disruptions.” 


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