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What Might Recovery Look Like?

BNSF Logistics is focused on helping customers through scenario-based recovery plans.

Sure, you could stare at your phone or laptop screen all day and munch TUMS as the latest dismal figures scroll by: industrial production down 5.5%, unemployment reaches 4.4% and so on.

Or, you could start to sketch out your plans for the future, as unfocused as the future appears at the moment. BNSF Logistics, for one, is developing a market-based action plan to help it and clients weather and recover from the current storm.

“In an effort to combat current market changes, BNSF Logistics is focusing on how we can help our customers through scenario-based plans,” said Jeff Greenwell, managing director of strategic account management. “We are discussing plans for a slow, long recovery, a medium ‘U’-shaped recovery and a quick ‘V’ snapback recovery, and how each of those affects our customers and carriers going forward.” Another scenario that must be considered is a potential relapse of the virus.

Partnering with fellow stakeholders is clearly a best practice at a time like this. Earlier, BNSF Logistics blogged that “as we strive to serve our customers, the current challenges we face lead [us on] a path to collaboration in preparation for the eventual easing of restrictions. Plans for a post-lock down increase in volume and the need for elevated levels of capacity in many areas are paramount for near- to mid-term success.”

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