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About Us

Supply Chain Best Practices is the community that enables supply chain companies and their vendor partners to learn, share and grow together.

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Few subjects are more vital to the modern economy than the efficient flow of goods from raw materials to the end consumers. Supply Chain Best Practices helps procurement, logistics, fulfillment, distribution, warehousing, sourcing and fleet operations professionals learn the best strategies, technologies and leadership practices to maximize customer value. We help our readers attain operational excellence and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Knighthouse Media provides marketing and media services to the construction, energy and resources, manufacturing, retail and food and supply chain business-to-business industries. We believe in recognizing remarkable processes, techniques and thought-leadership from the entire ecosystem of companies, their vendor partners and intermediaries. And by distributing that high-level knowledge and experience, it enables the industry as a whole to  reach the maximum level of its performance.

The benefits of best practices helps companies:

  • Become more competitive
  • Increase sales and develop new markets
  • Reduce costs and become more efficient
  • Improve the skills of your workforce
  • Use technology more effectively
  • Reduce waste and improve quality
  • Respond more quickly to innovations in your sector

Interested in joining our growing team?
Please contact our HR Manager, Paul Bodnar, at pbodnar@knighthousemedia.com